Evolve Surplus is a team driven to create financial and ESG returns in asset divestment.

Our values centre on enhancing efficient and sustainable equipment sourcing, use, and divestment.

We have distinct ESG reporting tools, now expected in the industry. We excel at providing evidence-based EGS traceability and reporting.

At our core, we are subsea industry specialist’s, motivated by asset capitalisation and sustainability targets.

We collaborate with the energy sector to deliver circular economy solutions for specialist equipment and infrastructure and provide access to a global marketplace.

Our Vision

An established global ecosystem for equipment reuse & repurpose to reduce waste, and amplify financial and ESG returns.

Our Mission

To transform the energy sector with circular business practices, unlocking economic and environmental benefits from surplus assets and equipment.

Our Purpose

To reduce waste – because it’s the right thing to do, and it benefits the our client’s bottom line.

Our values



We help companies lead the way on responsible divestment and sourcing.


Each engagement must deliver true value to clients and the environment.


Integrity is non-negotiable in how we do business.


We treat each client and customer as a business partner.

We’re here to challenge the status quo

Traditional business models generally lead to equipment being wasted and disposed of. But this is unsustainable and increases costs. There is a better way of managing equipment.

Evolve works to make divestment of equipment easier and more valuable for our clients. Our business model unlocks more value and creates true sustainability benefits.

Let us help you upend equipment and asset management to unleash this value.

We work local, but think global

We’re proud to call Australia home and enjoy having our headquarters in Perth, Western Australia. But energy is a global business, so we operate globally through key resource hubs in Norway, the UK, Asia, Brazil, the USA and the Middle East.

Our team has a track record working all kinds of roles in the energy industry around the world. And we are privileged to work with some of the brightest minds in the business through our global network of partners and collaborators.

We’ve got you covered

Simply put, we’re specialists, not generalists. We have a team of subsea engineers and focus only on energy sector equipment. That’s it. So if you need support with surplus asset management, we’ve got you covered.

But specialist capability aside, we put our skin in the game. We create commercial models that align our interests with yours, so working together means everybody wins.

Most importantly, we see that sustainability and value are inextricably linked and we’ve built our entire business around this principle. Together, we can create more value and a more sustainable way of operating.