11 April 2022

Circularity on the rise as Evolve Surplus welcomes strategist and growth expert to chair the board

Evolve Surplus is thrilled to welcome Dr Anthony Robinson to the team as Board Chair. A seasoned strategist with deep expertise in business growth and development, Dr Robinson said he is delighted to join Evolve Surplus and looks forward to partnering with the energy sector to realise a sustainable future.

“Sustainability starts with minimising waste. For energy companies, this means reuse and managing surplus assets responsibly is an essential component of any sustainability strategy,” Dr Robinson said.

But delivering on this challenge remains complex and often requires specialist engineering expertise—which is where Evolve Surplus comes in, acting as an independent adviser to assess and enable reuse and repurpose of subsea assets and equipment.

“We are here to help energy companies make the transition to circular business models and a cleaner energy future, starting with supporting their reuse and repurpose practices,” Dr Robinson said.

Evolve Surplus Founder, Mr Obi Gjerde, said that the idea of the circular economy is attractive for operators, but needs to be considered as early as possible if they are to realise full benefits, including reduced costs.

“We want to create a pathway for operators to have a simple option to do the right thing, and to know that their equipment will be treated responsibly. This means being able to offer independent, expert advice about reuse practices so that our clients can make smarter, more cost-effective and environmentally focused decisions,” Mr Gjerde said.

Over the past four years, Evolve Surplus has established service offerings in asset divestment, reuse and repurpose, and engineering consulting. Dr Robinson’s role will be to ensure continued delivery on the core objectives of environmental benefits, improved safety, and cost reductions for clients. He will also work on building an exceptional Board to help scale the business so Evolve Surplus is prepared to take on projects of any size.

“Our intention is to support as many industry partners as possible to embrace circularity and responsible asset management while keeping a keen eye on governance to make sure we progress and grow the business sensibly. We remain focused on our mission to create more opportunities for energy companies to participate in the circular economy, contributing to global efforts to reduce waste and emissions,” Dr Robinson said.

Dr Anthony Robinson will join the company shareholders meeting on 21 April 2022 and formally commence in the role of Board Chair on 1 May 2022.

About Dr Anthony Robinson

Dr Anthony Robinson is Principal and former Partner at Deloitte Australia with a track record of delivering growth and performance improvement results for resource sector clients.

Trained as an engineer and economist, Dr Robinson’s interest in solving unique business problems led him to an extensive career in management consulting.

More recently, Dr Robinson has taken on board and advisory roles in the arts, finance and consumer markets, steering organisations through substantial growth initiatives and transformation projects.

About Evolve Surplus

Evolve Surplus was founded

with one reason: to make circularity happen. Our goal is to minimise waste and landfill.

We partner with energy companies to offer environmentally conscious solutions and open a clear path to new markets, circularity, cost savings and sustainability.

We offer a personalised service and access to specialist engineering expertise, while being an independent, trusted adviser that challenges the status quo and enables circularity.