25 May 2022

Closing the loop on surplus and decommissioned assets

Evolve Surplus is in the business of change – we deliver circular economy solutions that fundamentally transform the way specialist assets and equipment in the energy sector are managed.

More specifically, we stand for circularity as a business philosophy. Circularity is about reducing waste and emissions by keeping products and materials in use longer, which also boosts firms’ bottom lines. In fact, much evidence suggests that by adopting more efficient use cycles, companies generate much-needed sustainability outcomes while unlocking economic value. In short, Evolve Surplus can create value and reduce businesses’ dependence on scarce resources.

Our purpose is to trigger a paradigm shift in thinking about reuse and repurposing of industrial equipment with a target of zero landfill from end-of-life and decommissioning activities. But we also recognise that the circular economy equipment cannot be reused forever, instead it is about delaying their unavoidable end-of-life. A complete and infinite circle remains wishful thinking, but extending the lifetime of assets by two, three or four times is often all we need to significantly reduce carbon emissions and allows the environment to regenerate.

So how do we go about it?

We’ve established an experienced team of change agents with backgrounds in engineering, finance and operations management, and paired it with a strong social conscience and a disruptive approach.

Our mission is to transform an industry by selling and driving an ideal that is circularity as a way of doing business. To make circularity as common as holding a bank account or paying taxes.

Can a small start-up change the way an entire industry works? Crazy? Perhaps. But then, change usually starts with one small step at a time.

For us, the first step is often just a frank conversation about opportunities and rethinking when considering reusing or repurposing offshore oil and gas equipment. We’re not willing to budge on our principles in order to collaborate with just anyone, but we will talk to anyone. Especially if it’s about ideas or visions for circular economy solutions that help us move away from wasteful, linear economy operations.