16 November 2022

Evolve Surplus welcomes new CEO Nuno Carneiro as founder Obi Gjerde steps into advisory role

Five years after establishing Evolve Surplus in 2017, founder Obi Gjerde will step back from managing the business, and instead assumes an advisory role as the majority shareholder.

“I’m grateful to the team at Evolve Surplus for the past five years of game-changing disruption and I’m excited to have Nuno join, with his extensive operational experience, to lead us through the next chapter a circular, sustainable energy sector. ” Mr Gjerde said.

To take the reins of running operations and developing the business, Evolve Surplus is pleased to welcome Nuno Carneiro as Chief Executive Officer. Nuno’s appointment enables Jesper Marstrand to govern the technical stewardship of our market solutions, with Ross Henry continuing to focus on the Commercial and BD aspects of the business.

Nuno brings to Evolve Surplus his experience as a dynamic and respected senior leader and CEO, most recently as Head of Operational Decarbonisation at BHP. He was previously CEO at Starling Energy Group (creators of Plico Energy) for several years, in which time he successfully built the organisation for scale and enabled significant growth. Before that, as Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company, he also consulted to executives and business leaders throughout many industries worldwide, a testament to his capacity to understand and navigate complex business environments.

“Designing practical and innovative solutions to implementing 3R principles (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) is a key lever for decarbonising the energy sector and making our way towards net-zero targets. I look forward to leading the talented Evolve Surplus organisation as we continue to support our industry partners in embracing circularity and responsible asset management,” Nuno said.

Evolve Surplus is committed to the subsea reuse business and will continue to advocate for responsible surplus asset management in the industry, together with a focus on recycling of decommissioned subsea flexibles and umbilicals.

Evolve Surplus team would like to express their gratitude to founder, Mr Gjerde, for growing the company an advocate for responsible business practices: “Together with Ross Henry and Jesper Marstrand, they have built a reputation as tireless champions for doing the right thing; we thank Obi for his enduring leadership, perseverance and ideation without which Evolve Surplus wouldn’t be what it is today,” Nuno said.

About Evolve Surplus

In 2017, Evolve Surplus was founded with one reason: to make circularity happen. Our goal is to minimise equipment waste and landfill.

We partner with energy companies to offer environmentally conscious solutions and open a clear path to new markets, circularity, cost savings and sustainability.

We offer a personalised service and access to specialist engineering expertise while being an independent, trusted adviser that challenges the status quo and enables circularity.